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I’m excited to announce the creation of a a new Community Supported Herbalism project called WildCity! This project is a collaboration I’m doing with my friend Kari Koch of Forage; we’re offering a seasonal basket of vital, tasty and health-promoting products to keep you healthy and happy through the seasons. Our tinctures, elixirs, oils and other herbal sundries are lovingly hand-made with herbs that are organically grown or wild harvested in the Pacific Northwest.

Our intention is to offer a delectable introduction into the wild, weedy world of healing. This project is a demonstration of folk craft, peoples’ medicine and simple solutions. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share our love of the wild, and we’d like this to be a mutually beneficial endeavor! In exchange for supporting WildCity, we are offering high-quality, handcrafted products to folks who are interested in plant medicine, local food, community-based economies, and a little bit of healing decadence.

It’s a similar model to Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), in which people support small farmers directly and in exchange receive a box of produce every week. Members of the Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) project will receive a basket (or share) of herbal remedies, healing elixirs, soothing salves, and other foraged goods that are specially crafted to work with the energies and transitions of each season. Our goal is to make delicious, useful items for your body, soul and heart. We aim to stimulate the senses as well as the body’s innate ability to heal and regenerate. Each seasonal share will include 7-10 items curated for general use, a booklet to accompany your new treasures, and perhaps a special surprise or two.

There will be a limited number of shares as we get this project up and running, so if you’re interested you should reserve yours now! Orders for winter shares are due by December 6, and shares will be ready for pick-up on December 13, when we’re hosting a launch party! (More details on that coming soon…)

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